Sell with us

We are buying vintage and pre-owned Chanel jackets and suits (and occasionally, dresses and blouses). If you have an item you would like to sell, please fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you.


We are accepting authentic ready-to-wear and haute-couture Chanel branded clothing and accessories. We prefer items in good to like-new condition, with minor if any signs of wear.
All consignment items must be sent to us clean (preferably dry cleaned prior to shipment) and in otherwise sellable condition. We will not accept items in garbage bags. Any additional dry cleaning and/or repair/restoration charges will be deducted from consignor's account. Any repairs will be approved prior to any work being done.

The consignment period (expiration date) for most items is 120 days.
If you would like to receive the unsold items back, please email us with your request. We will provide you an estimated ship window and a shipping quote. All items will be dispatched after the shipping fee has been paid in full. You may also provide us with a shipping label to ship your items back. RARCHIVE does not hold any responsibility for the items after they have been picked up by the courier service.

RARCHIVE sets prices on all consigned items, including occasional markdowns from the originally marked consignment price. We will provide you with an estimated selling price based on the condition of the item after we have received and examined the item. If for any reason, before the item is listed for sale, you decide that the selling price is not satisfactory for you we will be happy to ship the item back to you at your expense.
Once an item sells, the consignment split is 65% of the funds received to the consignor and 35% of the funds received to RARCHIVE. This amount will be paid out 21 days after the sale date if return was not requested by the buyer. To receive a payout you must have an active PayPal account. To create a new account for payout please visit

RARCHIVE has a 7-day return policy, but may decide on an individual basis to bend that rule. If an item is returned, the item will again be available for sale with the original expiration date. Additionally, if the consignor has already been paid out, the consignor's account will be debited the amount of the return.

You guarantee that all items consigned to RARCHIVE for sale are lawfully and entirely owned by you or you are acting on behalf of a person(s) who has given you the authority to sell such items on their behalf. You will indemnify RARCHIVE for any damages, penalties, fines, fees, or judgements for any issue arising due to the rights of the lawful owner of the merchandise being placed on consignment.
Only original, authentic designer items are accepted by RARCHIVE for consignment. By submitting items for consignment, you are guaranteeing that the items are authentic designer items and not counterfeit or "knockoffs." These items should be accompanied with their original receipt and/or authentication card (plus any original accessories). If you do not have the original receipt or authentication card, we will have each item professionally authenticated. A $25 authentication fee will be deducted from your payout. If at any point during the consignment period they are found to be inauthentic, you understand they will be donated or used in a manner determined by RARCHIVE.

RARCHIVE will make reasonable efforts to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible and have no liability for any loss, theft, or damage to such items.
This contract between MICO TEXAS, LLC ("RARCHIVE") and you is binding under the laws of the State of Texas. We reserve the right to change this terms at any time at our own discretion. By using our services you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions herein.