Styling your Chanel jacket

Styling your Chanel jacket

Gabrielle Chanel proclaimed that “Fashion changes, but style endures.” Truer words have never been spoken, especially when it comes to the timeless Chanel jacket. Considering both form and function, the creation of the jacket gave women the style and practicality that didn’t necessarily go hand in hand at that time. The minimalist design has proven to stand the test of time.

Since its inception in the 1950’s, it’s safe to say that there hasn’t been a Chanel collection that didn’t include the classic jacket. The jacket’s design continues to evolve along with the French fashion house but its overall style remains unchanged and true to Mademoiselle’s vision.

Haute-couture pieces marked the 60’s jacket, reflecting the refined and elevated style of the era with Jackie Kennedy as muse. In contrast, the Chanel jacket of the 80’s matched the decade’s opulence and extravagance. A strong silhouette, shoulder pads, and gold buttons were among its main features. Once the 90’s came, so did a slimmed down version of the jacket. The accentuated waist and sexier style were in response to the decade’s more provocative trends.

The Chanel jacket is truly a timeless style, combining a classic aesthetic with a modern sensibility. It’s the ideal wardrobe essential that you can either dress up or dress down and can fit a myriad of personal style aesthetics. Case in point, the two stylishly contrasting Editors in Chief of American Vogue and French Vogue.



It seems there are few items Anna Wintour loves more than her perfectly cut Chanel jacket. Styled with a more uptown sensibility, the US editor often prefers to wear her jacket with its matching skirt, a fitted top and her ubiquitous necklaces. If not a matching skirt, the matching dress works just as well. Always paired with either tall boots or sling back heels. Think: champagne luncheon dressing.



If a more downtown vibe is your style, look no further than the effortlessly cool Emmanuelle Alt. The French editor prefers to style her Chanel jacket with either jeans, leather pants or loose trousers. Her no fuss style is complete with a simple t-shirt and a selection of boots, pumps or mules. Think: cocktail brunch style.

There’s no doubt that Chanel’s masterpiece is one that can fit your own wardrobe and personal style.